Harbaugh’s Corvette is what is wrong with the world.

When I was eight, my mom’s boyfriend took me for a ride in his black, 1960s Corvette; since that day, I have wanted a Vette. I have gone online to customize my Vette a hundred times. I have never actually bought one, nor have I ever even test driven one. For all I know, I wouldn’t fit in it or even like driving it, but I want one. It’s flashy; it’s cool; it says to my friends or foes, “Look at me and marvel cuz I got something y’all want.” Unfortunately, I’m just some random dude writing articles that pay by the click; I’ll never get to buy a Vette. Instead, I’ll just continue to drive my mini-SUV, you know the one that half of the US drives. It’s not cool or unique, but it does get the job done and has proven itself to be reliable.

Jim Harbaugh just announced a mini-solution to his QB1 issue: Cade McNamara and JJ McCarthy will both get a start in Michigan’s first two games. Cade McNamara, you know the guy that led the Wolverines to the CFP and a win against Ohio St, will start the first game; JJ McCarthy, the five start recruit, will start the second. Harbaugh has made the QB1 situation a nightmare for the Maize and Blue Nation. Who is our leader?

No one gets Harbaugh’s situation better than I do, thanks to the Corvette. Every night I dream of a car that is cool and wake up every day getting to work with a humdrum vehicle. There is a part of me that would like to command the respect that a cool car brings. I’m sure Harbaugh wants to roll out a QB that is cool and will turn heards. Still Jim, McNamara saved your job. You had just taken a pay cut; everyone decried you as a bust and failure. McNamara led you to a 7-0 record to start the year; yes Michigan lost to archrival MSU, but it was a fumble by backup JJ McCarthy that turned sure victory into defeat. Take that play out, and McNamara would have lead the Wolverines to a 13-0 record, with wins over MSU and Ohio St, and would have been the the top seed in the CFP. It stands to reason that McNamara would have taken a 14-0 record into the CFP Championship Game before getting blistered by Georgia or Alabama.

Is Cade McNamara a sexy QB (I’m not talking about his looks here but his play)? No, he’s no Corvette, but he is a solid guy that leads and gets the job done. He fits in the middle of the Big 10 for quarterback stats, so I get the desire to see improvement. Remember though, he wasn’t allowed to do a lot of throwing, nor should he have done a ton with the running game that Michigan sported. Still, when was the last time Michigan beat Ohio St? If you guessed the Stone Ages, you’d be close. When was the last time that Michigan made it to the CFP? Correct, never. McNamara gets the job done.

Is JJ McCarthy a sexy QB (Again not about his looks)? Yes, his athleticism is off the charts and he is highly recruited. He is taller and has the big arm that will make you drool. He also hasn’t led Michigan to the promised land. In fairness, he wasn’t given the chance to start, but the fact stands that he is still unproven. The fact that cannot be ignored is that McCarthy will take over the starting spot permanently by Game 4, at the latest, has nothing to do with merit and has everything to do with him being the flashy/higher profile recruit. It’s not like McCarthy outperformed McNamara in Spring ball, McCarthy sat out the game with shoulder soreness. This is about hype, just like my desire for Corvette is about coolness and pride.

Cade, I feel for you. You have done everything that was asked of you. You saved your coach’s job, his reputation, and his legacy. You got to the CFP. You beat Ohio State. You lead and everyone follows. Now, you will sit your butt on a bench because everyone wants a shiny, cool toy. You will lose your starting spot because talking heads are putting pressure on Harbaugh to play McCarthy. I heard one such talking head intimate that Harbaugh would never get another 5 Star QB unless he starts McCarthy now.

I get that every person deserves a chance to shine, and JJ McCarthy should 100% have a chance to earn a job. However, what more can McNamara do to prove his worth? He did everything that was asked of him last year aside from being JJ McCarthy, which leads us to our problem. No one walks up to me at the store to say, “Hey, where’d you get that mini-SUV? She’s a beauty.” Our society’s fixation with bigger/better/newer/flashier has led to a society where there is no loyalty. Our microwave society wants everything with no wait. A friend of mine was complaining about the WIFI in my house, so I checked the speed. The check showed that we were clocking between 120 and 200; evidently, such speeds were not enough for my friend. I’ve talked to coaches that complain that every kid thinks that they should start as soon as they walk into high school because “they earned it” and “my mommy told me I’m special”. I grew up in a time where it could take five minutes to load a webpage, when the ability for freshmen to play on a varsity college team was novel, and in a family that stressed loyalty above flash. Our society is too entitled and too impatient to let a little thing like loyalty or the accomplishments of others to stand in the way of “our rights and our due”.

For the record, I will never get a Corvette for two reasons. First, it’s too much money for a normal guy like me. Second, my mini-SUV gets the job done. It has served me well for the last eight years. I see no reason to push it to pasture when it has enabled me to keep my job. I have enough respect to wait for it age out before I replace it. Evidently, I expect too much from society.


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