Jackson Carmen Cut Down Trade that boost both trenches for Bengals

There is with no doubt a few players on their rookie contracts that just are struggling to find a role in the Bengals scheme. Jackson Carmen is going into his second year as the guy expected to start at one of the guard positions but for the second year, he has seemed to let the job slip through his fingers. This year to rookie 4th round picks out of North Dakota State. Oddly those that describe Carmen all talk highly of his strength and describes the potential but for some reason or another the Bengals haven’t been able to get the best out of him. I think going another year with Carmen not starting and when he does play poorly would lower any trade value he has left. The Bengals surprisingly are not the only team that could be one and done on a high draft prospect. One thing is for sure the Bengals are going to try and pull a straight up trade without losing a draft pick.

Enter Las Vegas Raiders:

  • Raiders send Alex Leatherwood G/T & Clelin Ferrell DE
  • Bengals send Jackson Carmen G & Tyler Shelvin DT

Why would the Raiders part ways with two former first round picks for nothing and no draft capital. Las Vegas just seems to be done with both Leatherwood and Ferrell. Leatherwood would also cost the Raiders north of 4.5 million this year and just shy of 8 million next year in dead cap. Bringing another body at lineman with some potential with a smaller cap hit could be an easier cut on the books if Jackson shows what he did in Cincinnati. This in return would work for the Bengals because they would only have to pay 1.3 million dollars for his contract.

Clelin Ferrell is another player for the Raiders that just seemed to get lost in the mix. The Raiders took a lot of heat for selecting Ferrell at number 4 in 2019s draft many draft days analysist insisted they could of moved back if they really wanted him. None the less Clelin was someone last year the Bengals media could have seen picking up if he hit free agency to sign on a prove it deal but the Raiders never cut ties. Well it seems he is in danger of missing the 53 so it almost seems like a what if to add this if not the Bengals could wait until he hits the waiver wire or clears them. Tre Flowers was a huge pick up for the Bengals off wires last year coming in and playing tough defense on bigger receivers or tight ends like Mark Andrews and Travis Kelce. If Farrell gets acquired his best days on the edge are behind him and I believe the Bengals would bring him in to compete with Zach Carter for pass rushing in the interior. This could be good for Ferrell getting into a different scheme and erase the days of Las Vegas.

Tyler Shelvin is more or less just an extra piece. I can’t help but to remember how Josh Mcdaniels was in that same draft room with the Patriots, that Bill Belichick came out of and said Tyler Shelvin was a prospect they were looking to draft if he was still available when it came to the Patriots. So does he try to jump the gun and grab him before the Patriots claim him off waivers. That is if the Patriots would be interested after him not performing in Cincinnati. I really don’t blame all Shelvin the Bengals are looking to go for more versatile players, but he is more of a classic nose tackle. The Bengals currently have D.J. Reader to play the true nose tackle position and he is playing some of the best football of his career even if it doesn’t always show on the stats. This trade is just a fancy way to end the chapter with these four players and their current team. I don’t think you expect any side really to win the trade because they just lost so bad with these players from the beginning.

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