Jimmy Garoppolo is Staying in the Bay

Jimmy Garoppolo’s time in San Francisco is not over yet, as many believed it would be by the time the 53-man roster was finalized. Instead, the 30-year-old quarterback becomes the highest-paid backup in the league.

Garoppolo’s salary, which was upwards of $20k, seemingly held the front office back and may be why the 49ers did not sign any big names this offseason, with the exception of CB Charvarius Ward. San Francisco, who is lacking when it comes to an offensive line, could have made a splash in that position pool but did not. Currently, a shaky o-line appears to have the possibility of being detrimental in terms of their success this season.

On the eve of roster cuts, Ian Rapoport released the news of the 49ers and Garoppolo coming to a surprising deal that caught the football world off-guard. Garoppolo, showing himself yet again to be a team-oriented guy, took a massive pay cut. The now-backup will be getting $6.5 million guaranteed and has the ability to earn more in incentives if he ends up playing.

On paper, this seems like a great idea. The 49ers now have two quarterbacks capable of starting, but obviously, Trey Lance will continue to be their QB1 just as head coach Kyle Shanahan has said for weeks. Lance is a guy who runs the football a lot, and with a two-way quarterback comes injuries, however minor or major. Take a look at Lamar Jackson who missed part of the 2021 season due to a bone bruise. This is not a knock on Jackson or Lance, but rather a stroke of realism because their style is just so intense and rigorous. With Garoppolo on the bench next to rookie Brock Purdy, the 49ers are comfortable with the position they are in regarding depth and insurance at quarterback.

However, how pleasant is it for the actual quarterbacks who have had their names thrown all over the media for the past few months? Despite Shanahan sticking to the fact that Lance is QB1, the faithful share the concern that this is truly not Lance’s team until Garoppolo is on another roster. In addition, Garoppolo’s teammates have so much respect for him, with outside sources stating that some even want him to start this season, so what will the locker room look like with both of these capable quarterbacks sharing it? If Lance does not have the trust and support of his entire team, things may not look so good for this organization when a game goes awry.

Even with all of this, both Garoppolo and Lance have shown a high level of maturity and regard for each other. Lance is actually excited that Garoppolo is staying due to him being a huge mentor during his rookie year and showing him the ins and outs of the NFL.

On the flip side, Garoppolo’s respect for Lance was on display during camp as he did not once interfere when Lance was named the starter. Videos and pictures showed Garoppolo still continuing to practice, but either early in the morning or on the side field, next to where the 49ers were training. Clearly, there is no bad blood within the quarterback room. Shanahan explained that there is no relationship to mend because Garoppolo and Lance genuinely enjoy being in each other’s company as they both look to learn.


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