NFL Top 100 Hits and Misses

The yearly NFL Top 100 list is always similar to the fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, where some placements are too high, others are too low, and others still are just right. These placements are subjective, so of course no one will completely agree with them, but that is part of the fun of it all. The banter sets the stakes for next season and what each player, on the list and not, has to prove for the new year.

#100 Kyle Juszczyk: I love watching Juszczyk play, but this is a miss. The NFL only put him on the Top 100 to show love for the least highlighted position in the game, which is fair, but this is still a miss for the list. Juszczyk recorded only 318 scrimmage yards and two touchdowns last season. Meanwhile, the next back on the list, David Montgomery (#98), had 1150 yards and seven scores. I understand why Juszczyk makes the list, but on a pure stats basis, he shouldn’t have.

#99 Kirk Cousins: I promise I’m not going to do all 100, but I know several people were pretty upset about Cousins being so low. He probably should have been a bit higher, I’ll admit. He had better numbers than Mac Jones (#85) this season, so on that front he probably should be up about 10 spots I’d say. That being said, Kirk Cousins is a mid-tier quarterback who is overpayed and underperforming for being a 10 year veteran. On that note, I’d still put Mac Jones higher on the list than Cousins because he did only slightly less in what was only his rookie season.

#94 Justin Tucker: Tucker doesn’t miss, but the NFL sure does. Justice for Justin Tucker, this placement is tragically low.

#91 Kyle Pitts: For a rookie in a struggling franchise, Pitts shone out last season. He had lots of yardage, but only one touchdown to his name, so while it does suck, this placement is a hit. I see him being much higher on this list in his second season though.

#90 Odell Beckham Jr.: The NFL hit this one out of the ballpark. I said it before and I’ll say it again, OBJ is overrated and hasn’t been the same player since he left the Giants. He could definitely turn that around, but for this season, the placement is spot-on.

#73 Cordarrelle Patterson: Cordarrelle Patterson is one of my favorite players to watch, no matter what role he is filling in his team. He can receive, he can do kick returns, and last season he proved he could be a running back too. Last season was easily the best so far in his career, and I want to see even more of him in the 2022-23 season. Hit, but I could argue for him to be higher on the list.

#65 Derek Carr: I’ll admit, it took me a while to get on the Carr hype train and I still only really have one leg on. He is a good passer and he threw for a bunch of yards last season, but I’m really still not convinced that he is better that an upper-mid tier quarterback. This placement is valid.

#61 Russell Wilson: Almost everyone I heard from hated this placement and said that Wilson should have been higher. To that all I have to say is grow up, no he shouldn’t have. I like Russell Wilson too, he is fun to watch and keeps the game exciting. He also had one of the worst seasons of his career. You can make excuses for that performance all you want, but that is how his season went nonetheless. Wilson should be lower on the list.

#53 Mike Evans: Putting Evans at #53 when he was #48 last season is nothing but disrespect, especially given that his stats went up marginally across the board. At bare minimum put him back at #48.

#51 Alvin Kamara: Kamara fell a long ways since last season and it shows in his ranking. He went from top 15 to not even being top 50. This ranking is fair, he only did marginally better than the previously mentioned David Montgomery (#98). That being said, it makes me think that either Kamara should be lower, or Montgomery should have been higher.

#40 Justin Herbert: You can definitely tell the NFL’s favorites based on who they refuse to give credit to and who they give too much credit to. Take Herbert and the next individual on this list, Lamar Jackson, for example. Herbert passed for over 5,000 yards last season and played all 17 regular season games, having 38 touchdowns to 15 interceptions through the air and rushing for three more scores. Meanwhile Jackson (#36) played 12 games, passed for 2,882 yards, and threw 16 touchdowns to 13 interceptions. This ranking is nothing but malice towards Justin Herbert and I won’t stand for it. This ranking is drastically too low given last season’s performance. Make my boy top 10 and then we can talk.

#36 Lamar Jackson: Jackson doesn’t belong in the top 40, he doesn’t even belong in the top 100 this season. He played only 12 games and gave a pretty mid performance in those. I would have personally ranked Mac Jones far beyond Jackson in 2022 and the sad thing is, it isn’t even close. I’m not saying Jackson is a bad player, he just didn’t earn this placement last season and I have no idea how anyone can justify him being #36.

#33 Nick Chubb: Now this is how you reposition a player after a tough season. Nick Chubb had a great rushing season, finishing second in the league in rushing yards. He was lacking a bit in receiving yards and he missed three games, but other than that, Chubb put on a great ground performance. I am fine with this ranking, I think this is a hit.

#30 Joey Bosa: First, I’ve got to say, I have been loving how many members of this Chargers team made the top 50, I think it is deserved and I think it only gets more potent this season. That being said, Joey Bosa deserves to be higher and I don’t think anyone is really arguing against that. My guy had seven forced fumbles and 10.5 sacks last year, he deserves a bit more credit than he got.

#23 Trevon Diggs: A lot of people will talk poorly about Trevon Diggs, but the man had 11 interceptions last season and that has to count for something. This ranking is a hit.

#17 Justin Jefferson: I saw many people commenting that this is disrespectful and not even close to the true ranking for Jefferson. He is the fourth best wide receiver on this list and personally, I can see the argument to be made for each of the guys above him. This is a hit.

#13 Josh Allen: Allen had a good season and I’m ok with a ranking of #13, but what I’m not ok with is Allen being over Justin Herbert (#40) for last season’s play especially since Herbert lead him in every category. Allen is a hit here, I’m still bitter about Herbert though.

#12 Derrick Henry: This is a take that is important to hear out. Derrick Henry should be #1, but he got injured and missed half of last season. That being said, I can justify a top 50 spot for him, but #12 is too high, solely for the time missed last season alone.

#3 Aaron Rodgers: Here is my chance to have an Aaron Rodgers rant that is long overdue. He didn’t deserve the MVP last year and I think everyone knows it. He had the highest passer rating in the league solely because he only threw four picks last season, which is impressive, I’m not arguing otherwise, but failing less is not always equivalent to succeeding more. In terms of yards and touchdowns Rodgers got gapped by almost every other quarterback in the top 40. Herbert was better last year, change my mind.

#1 Tom Brady: #1 for last season, #1 all-time. This isn’t arguable, it isn’t even close. This is the only quarterback that was better than Justin Herbert last season and he was better by a very wide margin. The old folks love Rodgers more, the young kids love Burrow and Mahomes more, but the intellectuals know Brady deserved this this year. Hit.


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