Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em: Week 1

Start ‘Em

Jerry Jeudy: Everyone knows this game is important for Russell Wilson returning home to do work against his old team. It is going to be a huge statement game against a Seattle team that I think is going to be one of the weakest in the league (see my predictions for each team’s season here). This can only stand to benefit Jeudy, who I expect to pop off in the primetime game.

Jonathan Taylor: Taylor will probably never make this list again because if you have him on your fantasy roster and aren’t starting him every week, you are sabotaging yourself. This Texans defense does not impress me at all, so expect the rushing race to hit the ground running starting instantly in week 1.

Jameis Winston: I’m not a big proponent of Jameis Winston, but that being said, I’ll take almost anyone against Atlanta this season as long as they respect A.J. Terrell. Winston has a lot of weapons to work with this season so I expect a strong opener to set the tone for the season and the Saints’ presence in the division.

Derek Carr: Again, I’m not a big Derek Carr fan and even more off-base for me is betting against the Chargers defense. J.C. Jackson is going to be out for a couple of weeks which means it will be a bit of an easier time for Davante Adams and Hunter Renfrow to get going in this game. Unless the pass rush is just that potent on Sunday, Carr should have a good game.

Mark Andrews: I’m not buying into the Jets hype, it may be a new year and a young team, but the Jets are still the Jets until they prove me wrong. Expect Andrews to be a good target for consistent work against this team, especially as Lamar Jackson tries to find his footing again in week 1.

Sit ‘Em

ANY Rams Running Backs: Just don’t do it. This is a passing-only team, bound to be one dimensional all season. I’m telling you this now to save you from heartbreak later on, but if you don’t believe me, I’m certain the Bills defense will make my point for me on Thursday night.

Ezekiel Elliott: Tampa Bay is looking like a super team this season. Maybe I’m just overly cautious, but I’d wait to start Elliott this week if you have any better options just because I get the feeling he is going to get shut down in a big way on Sunday night.

Chase Claypool: These Steelers are going to struggle in 2022. With an opening game against the AFC champions and division rivals, Cincinnati Bengals, I don’t see Claypool starting hot with this game.

Trey Lance: I don’t think Chicago is good this year necessarily, but every team seems to perform just marginally better at home. I’d let Lance sit for a week and just see how he does, especially since a poor performance could mean the return of Jimmy G sooner than we anticipated.

Chiefs Defense: If for whatever reason you have the Chiefs defense (I couldn’t tell you why you would), drop them please. 1. The AFC West is the best division in football right now, without question. 2. The Chiefs defense is lacking the talent of many other teams in the league. 3. Starting the season against Kyler Murray doesn’t bode well for a defense without reliable cornerbacks especially when he has threats like A.J. Green, Marquise Brown, James Conner, and Zach Ertz to run over teams with.


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