Draft Stock top 20 Weekly RB Ranking. Week 1 (11-20)

Let’s start by giving some inside on this list, each week I am going to release a top 20 of draft eligible for QB, RB, and WR. Throughout the season we are going to watch the stock rise and fall for draft eligible players at one of these positions. Just think Joe Burrow wouldn’t have been on anyone’s draft board going into his transfer to LSU. I want to release each week (20-16) on Tuesdays, (15-11) on Wednesdays, (10-6) on Thursdays and Fridays are for the top 5. I am obviously off to a late start some players on or around the list are transfers in competitions waiting to be announced a starter, so this week will be two releases. The list is made up of DRAFT ELIGIBLE PLAYERS ONLY. No, you will not see TreVeyon Henderson from Ohio State on here. I take position draft board rankings, last year performance, personal projection and condition of roster and coaching staff into placing these guys on the list but no one factory outweighs the others. From week to week, we will see the stock of these players and others that make their name on the list be impacted by their performance. Level of competition will be taken into consideration.

20. Jalen Berger (Michigan St.)

19. Kendall Milton (Georgia)

18. Miyan Williams (Ohio State)

Berger and Milton are a great case of whose up next in run heavy schemes. Kendall is the second bulldog on this list, but they just put two running backs in the draft. Berger has good talk coming out of camp about how he seems to be the guy to lead the run game for the Spartans. Coming out of camp for the Buckeyes was the planned to split the carries three ways but Evan Pryor went down for the season. Miyan only seems to have gained carries from that and even though he isn’t the best running back on the Buckeyes, he will have plenty of opportunity to put some tape together for scouts.

17. Chez Mellusi (Wisconsin)

16. Tavion Thomas (Utah)

15. Montrell Johnson jr. (Florida)

These three prospects are primed candidates in their teams run heavy schemes. Chez Mellusi looks to put this Wisconsin run game back on the map. It was over all just a bad year for the Badgers, and they never really looked like they strong discipline team the country is use to. Tavion Thomas and Montrell Johnson Jr. face off head-to-head in week one and both are looking to be relied on heavy. Florida is going to want to show off Anthony Richardsons athletic ability and potential so look for Johnson to take off some of the pressure. Utah just loves to get out and out run their opponents look for Tavion to get plenty of touches against this tough SEC defense.

14. Kenny McIntosh (Georgia)

Sharing the back field with a future NFL prospect is just a normal day in the office at Georgia. There will be plenty of touches to go around so look for McIntosh to get going early. At the end of the day these Georgia running backs are filling the biggest shoes in the country.

13. Chris Tyree (Notre Dame)

12. Dewayne McBride (UAB)

11. Eric Gray (Oklahoma)

Chris Tyree and Notre Dame have to be going into Saturday looking to question if Ohio States defense has really improved. The country watched the Buckeyes get tour up on the run and was possibly Ohio States worse defense in I don’t even know how long. If Notre Dame wants to pull an upset the have to control the game and Tyree is going to have to create plays. Dewayne McBride out of UAB just destroys defenses. This is a guy that just takes over a game and with being from a small school gets called on to shine more. Eric Gray could be a huge piece early in the season transition this new coaching staff and new starting QB Dillon Gabriel. UTEP lost in week 0 so look for Eric Gray to be the pick me up when this offense needs a big play.

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