Week 1 Pick ‘Em

Enjoy the first-ever Mental Dimes Pick ‘Em challenge where I compete with all of your collective wisdom to see who will win at the season’s end!

Bills @ Rams: Rams 30-27

Part of this is hope on my part, since I really want the new season to start off strong. It should be a close game between playoff contenders.

Eagles @ Lions: Eagles 17-16

This game is a two-edged sword. On one hand, it will condemn Lions fans to yet another season of suffering. It will also do equal harm to Eagles fans, giving them hope where it doesn’t belong.

49ers @ Bears: 49ers 20-13

I see a lot of errors coming out of this game, on both sides. The team that can have the least mistakes will win.

Steelers @ Bengals: Bengals 31-21

It won’t be perfect, and the Steelers will surprise a lot of people with how competitive they keep this game. The Steelers are going to be a good middle-tier team that never gets wins, like the Lions every year.

Patriots @ Dolphins: Patriots 24-20

Week 1 performances are never particularly clean for any team and I think the Patriots will just narrowly win this one, providing Belichick with a lot of material to shape up the Pats going forward. Tua and Tyreek are going to put on a good performance that gets people looking their way.

Browns @ Panthers: Browns 21-17

I had to pick an upset somewhere along the line. I think a lot of people want to see Baker Mayfield win against his old team, but I think he’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Colts @ Texans: Colts 31-10

I’m excited to see the new and improved Colts. Matt Ryan has a lot to prove this season and Jonathan Taylor has a rushing crown to defend.

Saints @ Falcons: Saints 24-12

The Saints should be better here all around, but divisional games in Week 1 do have a way of surprising us.

Ravens @ Jets: Jets 20-17

This is a young Jets team that has some promise. I don’t think they will go super far this season, but I think this game has the potential to be a statement going into 2022-23.

Jaguars @ Commanders: Jaguars 23-20

I think the Commanders are the better team here, but as I’ve mentioned, Week 1 is never normal. Jaguars upset in this game.

Packers @ Vikings: Vikings 24-17

This will be a shock for Packers fans, I’m calling it here and now. Aaron Rodgers throws an interception this game, despite only throwing four all of last season. I’m going to double down too: He throws the pick in a game-defining moment that seals the game.

Giants @ Titans: Titans 21-9

I hope this score is not accurate because I’d like Saquon Barkley to get me some touchdowns in fantasy this week. That being said, I think the Titans win this one handily.

Raiders @ Chargers: Raiders 27-26

I see a close game coming, but I do think the Chargers will struggle a little bit to get their rhythm going. When they hit their stride this season the league had better watch out, though.

Chiefs @ Cardinals: Cardinals 20-17

It is going to take the Chiefs’ offense a little time to adjusting to a successful play style without Tyreek Hill. That being said, both teams are making the playoffs, I’m certain of it.

Buccaneers @ Cowboys: Buccaneers 35-23

This primetime game is going to feature fireworks from both offenses, but at the end of the day, this is the best offense that the GOAT has ever had to work with. Buccaneers discredit the good effort of the Cowboys by making it not even look close.

Broncos @ Seahawks: Broncos 24-6

Russell Wilson owns this matchup and puts on a show in his old stadium against a team he left in shambles.


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