Houston Rockets new alternate jerseys are GROSS

I am not a fan of these alternate uniforms.

On Wednesday, the Houston Rockets released alternate uniforms that they will wear for six games this season; honoring the San Diego Rockets who played in the NBA from 1967-1971 before relocating to Houston. But like many things in the 60s that was tacky and outdated, these uniforms should be at the top of the list.

These uniforms could pass for knockoff Seattle SuperSonics jersey that you could get at a thrift store for $10.

There are certain colors that are synonymous with their respective teams red and blue are synonymous with the Houston Rockets. The only green and yellow that should appear on a uniform is when the SuperSonics inevitably come back other than that, don’t honor something that has no right to be honored.

The San Diego Rockets moved to Houston in 1971 due to a string of poor seasons and low attendance. A fraction of NBA fans and even the people of San Diego couldn’t remember that San Diego had a pro basketball team.

Houston has an exciting future ahead with the emergence of Jalen Green and number one overall pick Jabari Smith but I predict they will not win a game in these uniforms.

PS: Since you want to know, here are the top five tacky things from the 60s.

5. Banana Bikes

4. Tang

3. Troll Dolls

2. Fluffernutters

  1. Jello-O Salads


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