Big 10 Power Rankings Week 2

In a week that was crazy, the Big 10 only contributed a little to that crazy. Of course, the small amount would have been a huge amount any other week. The Big 10 can breath a sigh of relief that there were some really bad losses this week. Overall, the Big 10 has a lot of cleaning up if they want to put a team in the CFP. There isn’t a team that is void of blemishes.

14. Nebraska

All anyone can talk about is that the Scott Frost era is over and whether or not it is worth keeping Frost until October 3rd, thereby saving $7.5 million. Losing to Georgia Southern was about worst case scenario for Frost, who adds to his lengthy list of single score losses.

13. Northwestern

Your resume reads lucked out against Nebraska and lost to a Duke team that has been awful for years. By the way, how do you lose when you rack up 511 yards? Losing to an ACC opponent isn’t awful, but losing to the bottom dweller is.

12. Iowa

The only thing distracting people from how soon Scott Frost will be fired is whether or not Papi Ferentz will fire his son as offensive coordinator. A week after only scoring three points on offense, Iowa posted 150 total yards of offense. The defense is doing what they can, but the offense is the worst in the Big 10 and one of the worst in College Football.

11. Illinois

This was a nice bounce back game after the Indiana debacle. They held Virginia to 222 yards of offense, while totaling 395 yards. This was a win against a middle of the road ACC team. On a day where the Big 10 showed vulnerability to other conferences, Illinois held strong.

10. Indiana

The Hoosiers are quietly 2-0. Of course, they were gifted by Illinois last week and defeated a hapless Idaho team. Combining for 436 yards is great for this team; giving up over 300 yards is not good at all. Idaho outplayed Indiana in every quarter but the third. Indiana is lucky that the bottom of the Big 10 is really bad.

9. Rutgers

Hey, the Scarlet Knights rolled to almost 600 yards of total offense and schallacked Wagner by 59 points. Rutgers is a quiet 2-0. Life is good for the moment.

8. Wisconsin

It would be nice to drop the Badgers lower. They lost of a PAC 12 school. The PAC 12 is a laughing stock of a conference. The Badgers have to realize that they gave this one away after outgaining Washington St by 150 yards.

7. Purdue

Despite having a loss, the Boilermakers were game against a respected Penn State team and came off that loss with a 56-0 obliteration of Indiana St. Purdue had a 521 to 145 yard edge. The defense showed up big this week, and the offense keeps clicking.

6. Maryland

While the Terrapins gave up more points than one would like, the offense was dialed in. There were big running plays and passing plays galore. Tagovailai had four touchdowns on the day. Maryland needs to firm up the defense some, but the offense gives them a puncher’s chance.

5. Penn State

Sean Clifford didn’t do much to quiet the fan base that is itching for a qb change. Thankfully, the run game was amazing and rumbled to over 230 yards on the day. The defense wasn’t great for a second straight week, but the Nittany Lions are 2-0 for the season.

4. Michigan State

The Spartans will be crowned the MAC Champions if they can get one more victory over the conference. Thorne needed a good game coming off a performance where he was anything but sharp throwing the ball. Unfortunately, he played significantly worse against a more limited opponent. The run game was stout, and the defense pitched a shutout.

3. Minnesota

The Big 10 West looks like it is destined for the Golden Gophers. Every other West team seems to bent on losing winnable games and playing below capability. On the other hand, Minnesota just keeps rolling. The victim this time was a Western Illinois team that was just a whole lot over matched. Still, Minnesota hasn’t had a bad moment yet.

2. Michigan

JJ McCarthy put to bed the controversy with his play. Jim Harbaugh made it official that McCarthy will start against UConn. The defense held Hawaii in check but didn’t register the stats from Week 1. Still, the offense showed more big play ability than the previous week. Michigan is still capable of more on both sides of the ball.

1. Ohio State

The Notre Dame game is no longer looking like a signature win. Still, CJ Stroud looked like he found his stride, and the offense looked way more explosive than they have. The defense was stout against the run, but it was a little porous defending the pass. Ohio State holds on to the top spot despite having some significant questions.


2 thoughts on “Big 10 Power Rankings Week 2

  1. Here is my take on the BIG conference it will be down to The GAME to crown the East once again.
    Minnesota Rouser has to be loud & Purdue has to Boil UP not only on both sides of the ball, but also the BIGGEST DRUM in the world for this matchup whoever wins this one represents the west. For thier chance a BIG 10 Title.

  2. I will be interested to see how Michigan does against a formidable opponent. Usually they don’t get 2 games that are just practices. Great read Jeff.

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