NFL Pick ‘Em: Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Mental Dimes Pick ‘Em challenge where I compete with all of your collective wisdom to see who will win at the season’s end!

Current Score: Me: 5-10-1 You: 10-5-1

I got my ass handed to me last week as nearly every game surprised me. It’s only been one week, though, don’t get too cocky.

Chargers @ Chiefs: Chiefs 31-28

The Chiefs exploded last week and the Chargers put on a better game defensively than I had anticipated. I don’t care if I’m wrong with my choice as long as it is a close game here.

Patriots @ Steelers: Patriots 23-20

The Patriots were stagnant last week while the Steelers surprised everyone. I’m betting on the turnaround from New England against my better judgement.

Panthers @ Giants: Giants 24-20

Unless the Panthers can stop the run this is going to be a New York Giants team that starts the season 2-0. That being said, the same could be said on the other side of things, barring the 2-0 part because the Panthers couldn’t close last week.

Jets @ Browns: Browns 23-13

I was riding with the Jets last week, but they looked bad, like really bad. I feel embarrassed to have given them the benefit of the doubt. The Jets defense will look pretty capable versus Chubb this week, but don’t expect more than that.

Colts @ Jaguars: Colts 31-14

Weird one last week as the Colts had a first week tie against the Texans of all teams. This week will be more definitive.

Dolphins @ Ravens: Ravens 21-16

I underestimated both of these teams last week. This week I’m only underestimating Tua.

Buccaneers @ Saints: Buccaneers 31-27

I’m looking forward to this game a lot. I think Julio Jones makes this his statement “I’m back” game.

Commanders @ Lions: Commanders 24-17

I got too fancy with it last week and went against my better judgement to pick the Commanders. I have learned and progressed as an analyst.

Seahawks @ 49ers: 49ers 28-20

Despite the win last week, the Seahawks slander is going to be here all season folks.

Falcons @ Rams: Rams 19-17

After last week I’m almost tempted to go with the Falcons. Almost being the operative word.

Cardinals @ Raiders: Raiders 38-22

The Cardinals defense got cooked last week. I’d be shocked if it didn’t happen again.

Texans @ Broncos: Broncos 27-13

I almost want to guess a tie just to manifest a season of all tie games for the Texans. Is it going to happen, no, but a guy can dream.

Bengals @ Cowboys: Bengals 42-38

Both of these teams need this to be a high-scoring game to forget the mess of last week. I’ll bet high for this one.

Bears @ Packers: Packers 23-21

I’m proud of this one, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t. I called it last week and HOW for the Packers. Rodgers rebounds this game, though Don’t count him out just for having a bad week.

Titans @ Bills: Bills 28-24

The Bills were so much better than advertised last week and the Titans absolutely weren’t. Week 2 is going to bring more of the same for both teams, although I hope the Titans look a bit better in this one.

Vikings @ Eagles: Vikings 31-17

After seeing what the Vikings defense did to Aaron Rodgers last week, I’ll take them over the Eagles in this one. I mean the Eagles almost lost to the Lions last week.


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