The Bears-Packers rivalry is dead until further notice

Growing up, you believe anything is possible; writing in your third grade book on “What you want to be when you grow up?” That you will make it to the NBA or MLB or that you will go to space. A sense of child-like innocence as you don’t realize how hard it is to make it to those leagues or space but you’re a kid with a dream and what’s a dream could turn into an opportunity if you put in the work.

The Bears are those kids with a dream to one day knock off the mighty Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers. Now imagine those kids as adults where life kicks you in the butt too many times and you have a negative perception on the world.

The Chicago Bears fanbase are those adults; they expect to lose to Green Bay every single meeting. They wait for when Aaron Rodgers inevitably rips their heart out once again and continues his string of dominance against Chicago.

Sure they tried to wound Superman in the opening game in 2018, but Superman playing on one leg, erased a 20-0 halftime deficit by defeating Chicago 24-23.

My favorite moment for Aaron Rodgers against the Bears was in 2013 where an NFC North title was on the line. It was 4th and 8 with 46 seconds left ball is at midfield. Rodgers takes the snap, Julius Peppers nearly sacks Rodgers by fullback John Kuhn comes all the way across to cut block Peppers, Rodgers escapes out to the left; the ball seemingly floating forever, falls into the arms of wide receiver Randall Cobb for a game-winning 46-yard TD. That play happened because safety Chris Conte thought Chicago was in zone instead of man coverage and left Cobb wide open.

Sorry I got sidetracked, but the point is the Bears right now don’t believe they can beat the Packers and their fans don’t believe they can beat the Packers so with that the Bears-Packers rivalry is dead and will be until the Bears can beat the Packers for the first time since 2018.

PS: In third grade I wrote that I wanted to make it to the NBA; unfortunately thanks to my two-handed jump shot and bad coordination that did not happen.


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