NFL Pick ‘Em: Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Mental Dimes Pick ‘Em challenge where I compete with all of your collective wisdom to see who will win at the season’s end!

Current Score: Me: 14-17-1 You: 17-4-1, Last Week: Me: 9-7 You 7-9

I’m catching back up, y’all had better watch out!

Steelers @ Browns: Browns 13-10

Both teams are about as good as I expected this season, but I think the Browns are just slightly better.

Bills @ Dolphins: Bills 31-27

I think Buffalo is the real deal this season. The Dolphins are looking pretty strong too, but Buffalo is just the more complete team.

Bengals @ Jets: Bengals 20-17

I’m 0-2 in picking both of these teams’ wins/losses, please let me be right this time.

Raiders @ Titans: Raiders 24-21

It won’t be pretty, but the Raiders have been anything but pretty this season. They are better than 0-2, though and they start proving that this week.

Saints @ Panthers: Saints 27-20

On the other hand, the Panthers are 0-2 and deserve it. Saints win narrowly because they crave the drama.

Ravens @ Patriots: Patriots 23-21

I don’t think this will be a popular pick, but I also think that the Patriots are starting to find their rhythm in this season. This will be a close game, but one marked with a lot of growth out of Mac Jones.

Lions @ Vikings: Vikings 31-24

I have no idea why Lions games are always so high scoring, but I am not complaining about it.

Eagles @ Commanders: Eagles 38-27

Eagles beat the Lions. Commanders lost to the Lions, we either end up with a proper circle of type differences with this or the most obvious result actually happens.

Chiefs @ Colts: Chiefs 35-17

Sorry Colts, you have disappointed me lately.

Texans @ Bears: Bears 23-14

Please let David Montgomery have the ball and win me my fantasy matchup this week. Thank you very much.

Jaguars @ Chargers: Chargers 21-14

With or without Herbert I think the Chargers can still win this game pretty handily.

Rams @ Cardinals: Cardinals 31-27

The Rams defense is comprised of two very over-payed players and the weakness in that strategy has showed the last two weeks. It is going to become a continuing trend.

Packers @ Buccaneers: Buccaneers 28-17

I’d like to say this win is because Tom Brady is just the better quarterback, but the team difference between these two squads is not even comparable. The 11 point margin was me paying respect to Aaron Rodgers.

Falcons @ Seahawks: Falcons 24-20

Battle of the birds, but I have been far more impressed by the Falcons even though they are 0-2.

49ers @ Broncos: Broncos 24-17

Trey Lance is out for the season, Jimmy G is back, it’s a classic Jimmy G versus Russell Wilson matchup except nothing is the same anymore.

Cowboys @ Giants: Giants 27-17

I’m not sure how but the Giants are winning and I’m rooting for them. This feels wrong.


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