Wolverine Football Grades Week 3

It wasn’t what people hoped in a 17 point favorite. They struggled on defense, and JJ McCarthy struggled to make good decisions. Still, they showed that they could win tough games and did make some adjustments that paid dividends. Still, the announcers commented multiple times that the play calling was suspect, which was extremely obvious. Though adjustment were made, the staff didn’t show the ability to adjust mid half. There are a ton of things that need to be fixed, but at the end of the day, the Wolverines are 4-0.


QB: JJ McCarthy definitely showed his lack of experience and his differences from Cade McNamara. The explosive sophomore was contained on the ground and struggled to hit deep passes. His decision making needs sharpening, and he has to learn to hold onto the ball. His two fumbles brought back memories of the MSU game last year. He did improve in the second half but is going to have to be better going forward. Grade: C

RB: It will be no surprise that Blake Corum will get the team an A+. He had more than half of the offense and had several big plays. Let’s forget about the Stokes fumble and Gash being put into an awful play call. The running back won this game. Still, we need to get Donovan Edwards back to spell Corum.

WR: This was a mixed bag. Roman Wilson and Ronnie Bell had moments, and Bell was great as in his blocking. Still, the wide receiver room struggled to get open in the first half. They did get the step on the secondary in the second half, but McCarthy could not capitalize. Getting open in the second half saves the grade: B-.

TE: No Erick All was worrisome. Schoonmaker was a stud and led the team in receptions and receiving yards. He had some help from this room, but he was a star. Grade: A

Line: They struggled to keep a clean pocket in the first half but picked it up as the game went on. Still, they did a great job of Michigan football in opening holes for Corum. They weren’t clean, but they did enough. Grade: B


Line: The lack of explosive plays from this group was evident in most of this game. Mazzi Smith is a stud and a difference maker. Mike Morris is solid, but the line needs to get pressure. Maryland passers had way too much time, and they were able to pick up big third and fourth downs. Grade: B-

Linebackers: Awful. Some of this can be contributed to coaching, perhaps, but the linebackers gave up a lot in pass coverage and had trouble lining up. Aside from Junior Colson, this group struggled the whole game. They just seemed to be two steps behind. This group has to improve or the Wolverines will not match preseason goals. Grade: D-

Secondary: Maryland has a ton of weapons, and the secondary played great. Mike Sainristil is just the man. The former wide receiver made a few positional errors, but he makes plays everywhere. Gemon Green was targeted a ton but held his won. RJ and DJ had huge interceptions. This group was by far the brightest spot on this defense. Grade: A-

Special Teams: Brad “My ‘stache is better than yours” Robbins did his job. Jake Moody is usually solid but blew an early field goal attempt in awful fashion. Still, the opening kickoff fumble recovery was the difference in the game. Grade: B+


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