The Packers are a better team without Davante Adams

Let me be the first to say I miss Davante Adams. The seven years he spent in Green Bay, we watched turn into an elite receiver before our eyes and the connection he had with quarterback Aaron Rodgers was special but he wanted to leave.

Let’s not forget, the Packers’ offered Adams more money than the Raiders would have but the pull to return to the West Coast was too strong and he forced his way to Las Vegas to team up with Derek Carr who was his college quarterback at Fresno State.

Now sitting at 0-3 should Adams be regretting his decision? Yes and No. Yes because the Raiders will not win a Super Bowl anytime soon, and the questions are starting to loom on if the Josh McDaniels era will work out in Las Vegas.

No because this is what he wanted; to return to the West Coast because that’s where he is from and where his family so the move made sense why he wasn’t coming back to Green Bay.

The Packers meanwhile, are a better football team without Davante Adams. Green Bay had a 7-0 record in games in which Adams did not play since 2019 (StatMuse). Green Bay is more balanced offensively without Adams. With him they turned into a one-dimensional offense in the passing game because he was the only receiver who could separate.

Watching Davante Adams run his routes with precision was fun to watch, but the blueprint to stop the Packers was let Davante go off and let’s stop the other guys; we saw the San Francisco 49ers employ that strategy against Green Bay in last year’s NFC Divisional Playoff Game.

Now it would be fun to bring Davante back, but he chose to join an organization that has been a dumpster fire for over two decades instead of staying at an organization that wants to win and compete for championships. With that being said, I wish Davante Adams all the luck in the world because being a Raider he’s going to need it.


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