Badgers hit a low point in the Paul Chryst era with humiliating loss to Illinois.

Wisconsin football in a nutshell this year:

I’m embarrassed to be a Wisconsin fan right now.

After suffering an embarrassing 34-10 loss to Illinois. I think we can agree that this is the lowest point in the Paul Chryst era. This was supposed to be a get-right game for Wisconsin after being trounced last week 52-21 by Ohio State which is understandable, but a 34-10 drubbing on Saturday, at the hands of Illinois and former Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema is unacceptable in every sense of the word.

There were so many things wrong with the Badgers performance on Saturday, but let’s start with the offensive performance. On what planet was it a good idea to give Braelon Allen only eight carries for the entire game. Granted I understand Illinois has a stout run defense, but to not include the run game is inexcusable. Wisconsin as a team only rushed for two yards their lowest output since 2015 where they rushed for -26 yards against Northwestern

Instead, the offensive staff decided to employ the Graham Mertz game; how did that work?

Not too well, Mertz went 17/32 for 206 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions with a 27.8 QBR. Mertz’s first interception of the day came when he tried to hit wide receiver Keontez Lewis down the left sideline but Fighting Illini cornerback Devon Witherspoon had tight coverage and was able to tip it to defensive back Kendall Smith who was helping over the top for the interception. His second pick, Mertz was under duress and threw a ball intended for Skylar Bell instead DB Tahveon Nicholson made a diving interception which the Illini capitalized off of to go up 14-10.

The other mind-boggling play in the game was on third and two from their own 27. Bobby Engram decides to dial up a halfback pass from Braelon Allen which fell incomplete and another drive was wasted. The only question I have about that play is: WHY ARE WE RUNNING A HALFBACK PASS ON A THIRD AND TWO; RUN THE BALL.

Wisconsin tried to change their identity today and it didn’t work. The offensive game-plan of “Let Graham cook,” set off a grease fire at Camp Randall Stadium on Saturday.

This was a dark day in Wisconsin history, and as long as Paul Chryst remains coach I don’t see brighter days anytime soon.


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