Everything that the AP 25 Poll Got Right and Wrong

This season is definitely one that has brought us a lot of drama. Much ballyhooed teams have fallen, Kansas and Syracuse are for real, the LA schools are relevant, Texas is back, and so much more. There has been constant shuffling in the Top Four. There hasn’t been a better time to be a collegiate football fan.

The Top Four

The decision to move Alabama was needed. They beat up super soft teams like Utah State but struggled to beat Texas (I still say Texas got hosed) with a back up quarterback and an offensively inept Texas A&M. Alabama is still a great team and deserving of Top 5 but not first. Georgia at one is also not deserved as they struggled to pull away early from Auburn despite pulling away in the second half, something that doomed Michigan. Georgia, like Alabama, is extremely talented but not performing to expectation, especially without Bryce Young. Ohio State is the team deserving of the top spot, as they have taken care of business early. On the topic of Michigan, dropping them this week is a head scratcher when they won easily after a rough first half. Michigan does not run its offense to be a top four team, but this is by design and has been an issue all of Big 10 play. Dropping them to #5 now doesn’t make sense, despite being consistent with the voting this week.

The Top Ten

Pretty much all of the Top Ten is reasonable except for Tennessee. The Volunteers deserve to be in the Top Four, as they sport wins against three Top 25 teams, two of which were on the road; the Volunteers definitely deserve it more than Clemson that barely plays offense. A case could be made for UCLA at #10 since they are coming off back to back Top 15 wins. The Bruins have a way stronger resume than Penn State, but Week 7 will resolve a lot of these issues. Penn State has Michigan, and UCLA has #12 Oregon. A victory for Penn State will validate their current ranking and possibly jump them all the way to #5. A UCLA win against Oregon should also jump the Bruins into the Top 10.

The Next Ten

This 11-20 tier is where things get interesting. There were some solid decisions. I love that Kansas didn’t fall our of the Top 20; Jayhawk fans are left wondering what would have happened if Jalon Daniels hadn’t been injured. We will never know, but what we do know is that Kansas is for real, even with a backup QB that flat balled out. I’m not as sold with Utah staying in the Top 25 let alone the Top 20. Their best win was against a solid Oregon St, but the Florida loss isn’t aging well. Utah hasn’t really beaten anything but mediocre teams while losing to good teams; they need to be out of the poll altogether.

The Last of the 25

I love the respect shown to James Madison. The Sun Belt has shown the ability to hang with the big dawgs all season, and JMU is the best of the Belt. Teams like Cincy and JMU have earned their place at the table. Illinois and Kentucky have not earned the respect. Illinois at #24 is unforgivable. The Illini’s best win is either against a Wisconsin team that just fired their coach, for poor performance, or an Iowa team that probably should fire their OC-add the weak resume with a loss to Indiana. Kentucky’s inclusion is also silliness squared. How in the world can a team be ranked coming off back to back losses to Ole Miss, no shame there, and South Carolina, much shame. Seriously, the Wildcats just lost to Spencer Rattler-shameful, embarrassing, unfathomable. On a positive note, I do like Texas coming back into the Poll. I maintain that there was a safety in the Alabama game that should have given them the win, which would make the Longhorns 5-1. Quinn Ewers is back and the Big 12 gonna be in trouble- just ask Oklahoma, if they ever show their faces again.

Those just Missing the Cut

Here is where we must ask if voters are watching games. How is North Carolina in contention for a spot? It has to be a win over Miami, but the Hurricanes have fallen apart. It can’t be the two point win against App State because that was more luck than skill. South Carolina and Florida getting votes is also a matter of name recognition and not watching games. Notre Dame getting votes is a little irksome as they were awful early, but I will grant them that the BYU victory is legit. Of course, you lost to Marshall, so how much respect do you deserve?


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