Overreaction Tuesday! Week 7

We are almost at the halfway point of the 2022 NFL season. Teams are hitting their strides with the return of their best players, meanwhile some teams are hit with untimely injuries. The aftermath of Sunday has lead to some much needed changes at quarterback. The reigning Comeback Player of The Year is playing like his old self and the legends aren’t. The two best teams in the league had bye weeks and no one threaten to be a challenge to either one. Overreactions to week 7 are below.

P.J. Walker was the Panthers best QB from the start. He didn’t put up flashy numbers in Sunday’s contest with only 177 yards. His two touchdown passes and no picks contributed to the 21-3 upset of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was then named starter even if Mayfield and Darnold are clear. Walker is the most athletic QB in that room and has the biggest upside. With a clean pocket he’s a decent NFL QB. It’s when he create plays and extends them with his mobile ability that help the Panthers compete on offense. The exit of Christian McCaffrey will be felt during some games but the Panthers got use to playing without CMC for most of the last two seasons.

Seven 3-4 NFC Teams will make an interesting race for January. The Commanders, Packers, Bears, Falcons, Buccaneers, 49ers, and Cardinals all sit at 3-4 right now after seven weeks of NFL action. Tampa leads their division with that mark but that isn’t a praise to the Bucs. Thanks to the slump from the legends Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and their respective teams, this NFC playoff race will get tight for the 6th and 7th seeds. Brady and the Bucs have went 1-4 after starting the season 2-0. Meanwhile Rodgers and the Packers have lost three straight games where their offense went flat in the second half. When it comes to tiebreakers this will get crazy ! The Commanders have wins over the Bears and Packers, the Bears beat the Niners in the opening weekend, the Packers beat the Bears and the Bucs. The Los Angeles Rams have 3 wins as well, their bye this week keeps them at three losses. There’s a chance two or more teams from this list makes the postseason, there’s a chance more make the postseason due to winning their divisions. Got to love this time of the year.

Matt Ryan, Mac Jones benched. So, this isn’t an overreaction it’s actual facts. The Indianapolis Colts have announced that QB Sam Ehlinger will start the rest of the season with Nick Foles serving as backup. Coach Frank Reich said this benching isn’t related to the shoulder separation of Matt Ryan. Ryan is 4th in the league in passing yards but leads the league in turnovers. It seems as if the Colts did something the Falcons refused to do. Bigger picture the Colts haven’t recovered from Andrew Luck. In New England, Mac Jones doesn’t seem to have the patience from his coaching that was present last season. The problem is that Jones just might be a victim of his own success. Last season they beat on bad teams and did just enough against the good teams to reach the playoffs. You can’t drop a game against the Bears and try to stay in the AFC playoff hunt. Those games you need to win to avoid relying on other teams to lose at the end of the season. The Pats have yet to name a starting quarterback after Monday’s loss in Chicago.

If the New York Giants go .500 to end the season, they will be a playoff team. At 6-1 along with a favorable schedule, the New York Football Giants have a real shot at being a playoff team this January. Daniel Jones has the best 4th quarterback rating through the first part of the season. He’s only thrown 44 passes in these final quarters but the point is, he isn’t turning over the ball. Making the winning plays with Saquon Barkley as a security blanket has worked for the Giants. The Giants plan every game for the opponent their schedule against and I don’t want that to go over your heads. This team knows how to adjust their game plan to adapt to the tempo of the game, that in turn changes the momentum of the game. Brain Daboll has a team that has a chance to win every game that they are in, no matter the circumstances.

The law offices of Borrow and Chase are back open. Oh, it’s a problem for the rest of the league, mark my words. The Cincinnati Bengals are hitting their strides at the right time. Winners of four out of the last five games, the big play Bengals are torching secondaries once again. This past weekend it was the Atlanta Falcons missing their two top cornerbacks. That is a recipe for disaster. Jamar Chase went off (8 rec, 130 yds 2 TDs) and Joe Burrow had 481 passing yards with four total touchdowns. Being able to hit the quick routes that open up the big plays has been the formula. There’s no limit to where this team can go at full strength.

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