Green Bay loses to Detroit and the season is over.

It’s been a tough season.

Green Bay have lost five straight games to fall to 3-6 on the season and this whole season has been nothing short of a disaster. From losing Davante Adams, to GM Brian Gutekunst refusing to surround Aaron Rodgers with any help, to Rodgers using the media as a way to publicly blame his teammates for all of their mistakes.

Green Bay has a flawed way of doing business; the draft and develop strategy doesn’t always work, sometimes you need to acquire talent from other places in order to get to where you want to go. Green Bay never acquires skill position players, they would prefer allocating their needs to the defense and yet with all of that talent, the defense isn’t dominant as they should be.

I’m tired of people saying “Green Bay doesn’t go for a quick fix.” It’s not a quick fix it’s called being committed to winning a championship and Green Bay has shown a commitment to winning, but they haven’t taken that extra step it takes to win a championship.

As far as Aaron Rodgers goes, the sooner they move on from him the better because this offense with Rodgers on the field has been out of sync because Rodgers decided to not play in the preseason and with that, a lot of younger WR’s had to figure out how to play with him on the fly and there were several times in Sunday’s game where the receivers or Rodgers weren’t on the same page and if you have that in November, this team has been out-of-sync the whole season.

Matt LaFleur is an overrated in-game coach. Packers hired him because he was young and worked with Sean McVay.

LaFleur in his lone season as offensive coordinator for the Titans ranked 27th in total offense and was hired by Green Bay the next season. LaFleur looked like a good coach because he had Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers and those two had established a connection that you can’t teach, and now with less talent; Lafleur is looking more and more like that guy from Tennessee.

This team is not good and with these losses mounting, I wonder if we will see Jordan Love soon because Rodgers has taken this team as far as we would go but it’s not working and I think it’s time for the organization to bench Aaron Rodgers and start Jordan Love because this season it’s the right thing to do.


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