Fantasy Football’s Worst: How about that Packers Offense?

Again, we see great resiliency from the last week’s Worst list. Davante Adams had 36.6 Fantasy points, almost all of it by halftime. However, Josh Jacobs was fairly mediocre with 11.7 points. Joe Burrow was decent with 19.14 points, but Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins continue to not thrive without Ja’Marr Chase with only 9.4 points and 13 points respectively. Congratulations to those that had Joe Mixon and Justin Fields last week. If you had any receivers from Indianapolis (Michael Pittman – 5.2 points, Alec Pierce – 3.3, Paris Campbell – 3.6), whoops!

It wouldn’t be a week in Fantasy Football if there were not severe disappointments. Here are the Worst -performances from Week 9.

Deandre Swift

We waited a long time for Deandre Swift to come back from injury.  You stashed him like all the experts told you. You were assured that Jamaal Williams would not continue to be the lead back. With TJ Hockenson traded, how could that not open more opportunities for Swift. Swift had 6 yards rushing last week (his first appearance in 5 weeks), but five receptions and a touchdown for a solid Fantasy day (14.3). This week, 10 yards rushing, only three receptions, and no touchdowns (8 points). Jamaal Williams didn’t do that well, 10.1 points, but he had 24 rushing attempts (Swift had 2), and was non-existent in the receiving game.

Alvin Kamara

In the last four weeks, Alvin Kamara had no less than 17.5 Fantasy points. Last week, he had 9 receptions and 18 rushing attempts. This week, he had 9 rushing attempts and three receptions. Last week, he had three touchdowns, this week he had zero touchdowns. Last week, he had 42.8 Fantasy points and this week he had 9.2. Ouch and double ouch.

DJ Moore

You don’t expect anything from DJ Moore. You get what you get. But don’t tell me you didn’t get a little excited in Week 7 when he had 19.6 points. And then in Week 8, he had a season high 27.5 points. And then you remembered why DJ Moore wasn’t a high draft pick as he scored 4.4 points this week. After 10 and 11 targets the last couple of weeks, Moore had 6 targets and caught 2 of them for 24 yards. Where is the garbage time? Cincinnati was up by 35 points at one time, how about just one touchdown to salvage the day?

Green Bay Packers Offense

I have absolutely no problem continuing to ridicule the Green Bay Packers. Five losses in a row including losses against the Commanders (at least they scored over 20 points) and the Detroit Lions (they scored 9 points, HA!). Everybody was told to load up on Packers against the miserable Lions defense but that didn’t go so well. Rodgers had 13.64 points with three picks inside the redzone leading to zero touchdowns. Aaron Jones had 6.5 points on 25 yards rushing and 20 yards receiving and got hurt. AJ Dillon had 6.4 points on 34 yards rushing and 10 yards receiving. Robert Tonyan had 5.9 points on 3 receptions and 29 yards. Allen Lazard was the lone stand out with 4 receptions for big yards, 87, and the only touchdown of the day for the Packers. His day could have been bigger with 10 targets, but Rodgers was just way off. Awesome!

David Montgomery

With all of the rushing records that the Bears are breaking both individually and as a team, you would think Montgomery would be more of a Fantasy workhorse, but he is not. Khalil Herbert is stealing touches from him, but arguably, Herbert is the better runner. Weirdly, he isn’t getting the target volume he should be getting which is a problem with the Bears strategy. Montgomery has not hit double digits Fantasy points in two weeks, and three of the last 4. His efficiency was below 3 yards a carry this week and it was just over 3 yards a carry the week before. Not really the production from a high draft pick you were hoping for.


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