What does Green Bay’s future look like after Aaron Rodgers departs?

Ah the age old question.

When will Aaron Rodgers leave and what will Green Bay look like after he leaves.

The timeline for Rodgers leaving Green Bay is unknown but he has confirmed that he won’t play until 45 like Tom Brady.

Green Bay right now sits at 3-6 and losers of five straight. This team hasn’t looked good the whole season and based on how they’ve played the past month, they likely won’t right the ship in time to make a run at the postseason. So what does the future for Green Bay look like?

Rodgers signed a 3-year $150 million contract with $101.5 guaranteed. This deal is a year-to-year contract as the third year was tacked onto his existing contract so it’s a one-year contract.

If Rodgers decides to leave Green Bay will turn to Jordan Love who is an unknown at the moment. Love has the tools to be a great quarterback, but has only played in mop-up duty and preseason games so it’s tough to gauge how good of a quarterback Love can be because he hasn’t played a lot.

If Jordan Love is the starting quarterback for Green Bay, they will rebuild. Outside of Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon, there is not a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball. General manager Brian Gutekunst hasn’t given Green Bay much to work with on offense, instead opting for Green Bay to have a game-changing defense. While Gutekunst’s predecessor Ted Thompson opted for Aaron Rodgers to outscore teams by himself with no talent on defense.

Hopefully next season, Green Bay can get a high draft-pick and draft a game-changing player, because right now with the current roster construction, no such player exists.

TL;DR- Dark days are ahead in Green Bay.


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