The Green Bay Packers are dead

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing and expecting different results.

That has been the Green Bay Packers season in a nutshell.

The passing game isn’t good, the running game is underutilized and the defense spends the whole game in zone coverage. It’s not worth it to note that Green Bay lost to Tennessee 27-17 on Thursday Night Football because these three issues have been the catalyst for a bad year.

What else is there to say? Aaron Rodgers is starting his steep decline. He’s missed more throws than usual because he’s not on the same wavelength with some of his receivers as he was with Davante Adams.

I said some because rookie wide receiver Christian Watson has been stepping up. Watson broke out last week against the Dallas Cowboys with three touchdowns receptions and notched two more against the Titans on Thursday night. Watson leads all rookie wide receivers with five touchdown catches.

Green Bay’s defense has underperformed this year.

The defense was supposed to be the calling card for Green Bay this year, but the same problems persist with this defense year after year.

Green Bay’s defense has a lot of talent but the scheme doesn’t fit the players they have on the field. Defensive coordinator Joe Berry runs a soft-zone coverage where the defensive back plays 5-10 yards off of the receiver and not allowing the big play.

The problem with that scheme is that Green Bay’s defense has a lot of speed so what good does it do to allow the quarterback to pick up easy completions in zone whereas playing man you could force more turnovers.

Also, Jaire Alexander isn’t being utilized correctly in the scheme. Alexander should be shadowing the opposing team’s number-one receiver week in and week out instead he’s forced to stay on one side of the field where his ball-hawking skills are being wasted by going up against the number two and number three wide receivers.

Special teams has slightly improved from last season.

Green Bay hired Rich Bisaccia in the offseason to help fix the special teams which have been a problem for years

Mason Crosby has had a bounce-back season knocking in 11/14 on field goals after missing nine field goals in 2021. It’s helped that he’s had continuity on the special teams unit. Pat O’Donnell was signed in the offseason which was a perfect signing for Green Bay as he spent seven seasons in Chicago so he’s used to holding and punting in cold weather. Green Bay also has Jack Coco as a long-snapper.

Green Bay didn’t have continuity on the special teams unit last season. Green Bay released their punter and long snapper before the season started so it disrupted the rhythm for Mason Crosby which resulted in a poor season.

Green Bay still doesn’t have an elite returner. Amari Rodgers was unable to fill that role and his fumbling issues persisted to the point where Green Bay ended up releasing him a year after drafting him.

Overall, Green Bay is likely headed for a mini-rebuild and will likely move on from Aaron Rodgers after this season which I’m fine with because Rodgers has taken us as far we could go now it’s time to see what they have in Jordan Love because that is the one question yet to be answered in Titletown.


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