Armageddon in Columbus: 5 takeaways

Everyone would forgive you for writing Michigan off after the first offensive set for both teams. Ohio State marched down the field and scored with ease; Michigan’s Blake Corum limped to the sideline while JJ McCarthy looked ineffective. Michigan was almost held to single digits rushing in the first half, despite having one of the best rushing attacks in the nation. Last year looked like a fluke, and Ryan Day was looking to avenge last year by hanging a hundred on the Maize and Blue.

Yet, the only hundred on display was the one hundred eighty that took place. Michigan’s JJ McCarthy finally showed the potential that made him a five star recruit, as he went toe to toe with Heisman favorite CJ Stroud. Michigan’s absent rush attack showed up as the Buckeyes lost the ability to run the ball. Michigan posted the big plays, normally Ohio State’s forte. This game was a fitting centerpiece for a year that has shown more parity and eyebrow raising outcomes that most seasons.

Take Away 1: Michigan is legit

Everyone wanted to write off Michigan as an untested team coasting through a weak schedule, especially after last week’s scare. While their strength of schedule isn’t the greatest, Michigan has played its best against the best. Michigan blasted #10 Penn State 41-17 and nearly doubled up the #2 team, on the road no less. Michigan is worthy of some first team votes in the next poll.

Take Away 2: This is the best win this year, nationwide

Everyone raved about Tennessee and LSU defeating Alabama. Granted, beating Alabama is always a big deal, yet this isn’t your mom’s Alabama. Plus, both of the aforementioned wins were home wins. Beating the second ranked team, on the road, for the first time in 20 years has to be considered the best win not only of the year but maybe even the decade. Last year’s game was one for the ages; this year’s iteration was even better.

Take Away 3: Michigan fixed it’s troublesome areas

Last year, Ohio State ravaged Michigan’s pass defense with ease and was only stopped by some timely sacks by two first round calibre defensive ends. This year’s line was not as prolific, so advantage should have gone to the Buckeyes. Yes, Stroud made some amazing throws and Marvin Harrison Jr is an impossible cover, but the Michigan secondary did everything that you could ask. They kept the offense in front of them the majority of the game.

On the flip side of the ball, Michigan threw like it was a pass first offense all year. On a day where JJ McCarthy had to be good-he was. The kid had the game of his life and willed the Wolverines into the end zone. Plus, Michigan was able to get back to its roots with a run game that was sans Blake Corum. The adjustments that Michigan made were not matched by Ohio State, and the failure to adjust cost the Buckeyes the game, the playoffs, and their pride.

Take Away 4: Convert them all

Mike Sainristil is a converted wide receiver playing defensive back; Kalel Mullings is a 40th string linebacker that was put into a running back role so that he could throw the gutsiest pass of the year. Shoot, why don’t we change everyone’s position? Can you imagine Mazi Smith as a running back or wide receiver? Okay, this is a little much, but the point remains that Michigan had the stones to move two people into new positions across the ball to overwhelming success.

Take Away 5: Ryan Day’s job is in jeopardy

This is not a condemnation of Ryan Day, nor am I advocating that he deserves to be fired. He is a top notch coach, but he allowed a hated rival to win on home soil for the first time in 20 years. To make matters worse, it is back to back losses as the higher ranked team. Today’s society has a short memory and won’t remember that he got them to the Semi-finals in Year 1 and the Championship Game in Year 2. All people will remember is that he has lost to Michigan back to back years. Screw the fact that he is 11-1 this year and was 11-2 last year. It will be a shame, but we live in a world that is run by idiots and keyboard warriors. What will the keyboard warriors and idiots say at the end of the day? Armageddon has come, and the world is a cold, dark place.


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