Graham Mertz is entering the transfer portal.

Mertz was a four-star recruit in the 2019 recruiting class. Expectations were through the roof everyone thought that Mertz was going to lead this team back to prominence and playing in important bowl games.

Didn’t quite happen.

Inconsistency from Mertz and an outdated offense should have tempered those expectations a little bit.

For sure Mertz didn’t play well in stretches but Wisconsin also did him no favors in terms of putting talent around him.

The fans I think played a major role in his departure. When you call a guy the worst quarterback to ever play for Wisconsin or trash and just saying some overall nasty things about him what college kid should have to endure that?

We need to remember these are 18-22-year-old kids. Not every college quarterback is destined to make it to the NFL to say all these negative personal things about a kid that’s just in college shows how toxic the Internet is.

The same people saying those negative things about Graham Mertz are the same people wishing him luck with whatever he decides to do next.

The other reason is Mertz doesn’t fit Fickell’s system. Fickell said in his introductory press conference that he wants a dual-threat quarterback something that Graham Mertz is not and ultimately I think Mertz knew his days were numbered at Wisconsin.

While Graham Mertz didn’t meet the lofty expectations set for him at Wisconsin, nobody exemplified hard-work and perseverance more than him and I wish him luck whatever he decides to do.


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