Overreaction Tuesday: Week 13

I normally start these overreaction articles with a brief glimpse of the weekends biggest moments, this week in honor of the holidays I’ll start with a poem. I called this piece: Ode to Week 13.

“Twas the first Sunday in December the contenders are true, Jimmy G is hurt what will the 49ers do? It was all uproar cause of what Dallas did to Indy, Mahomes, Hurts and Borrow. MVP candidates are plenty. Another wild Sunday this one’s for the books, a tie in a NFC East amid a playoff push, what a Sunday indeed I’m only stating the facts, time to get into it let’s overreact”

The Vikings are the least talked about 10 win team in history. Thanks to the Detroit Lions resurgence the Minnesota Vikings couldn’t secure a playoff spot this week but that’s going to inevitably happen sooner or later. That’s happening despite the fact the Vikings defense couldn’t stop a parked car in the second half of football games. This is a problem because the two teams in the NFC have bullied the Vikes this season. This was there chance to prove a point and make a statement, instead they gave Mike White every chance to win until they finally sealed it with a pic. There isn’t one statement win for Minnesota, unless you want to count the Washington game. This is a one and done playoff team. Mark the date, I’ll be back in January to say I told you so.

Joe Burrow put the league on notice, he’s just getting started. The third year quarterback has a Super Bowl appearance and a Comeback Player award on his resume so far. He’s setting up a MVP campaign. He’s playing some of the best football of his career and he’s only getting better. The team will need that as their schedule doesn’t really let up. The Bengals added a running game against Kansas City, that dimension forces linebacker to step up, allowing Burrow to destroy the man coverage. Joe Mixon will be back soon, Jamar Chase is back making plays, this team should be favorites in the AFC. Joe Burrow and these Bengals have had the Number of Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs three times in the last calendar year. Burrow joined Tom Brady as the only QB to have three wins against Mahomes. The difference is, Burrow hasn’t lost.

Brock Purdy is trying to do the unprecedented. The former Iowa State QB was Mr. irrelevant in the 2022 NFL Draft. That didn’t matter to him when Jimmy Garoppolo went out with a broken foot. Jimmy G is out, Purdy is in. He look poised and ready for the moment against a very capable Miami Dolphins defense. With the plethora of playmakers that this team has this should be just a game manager situation. It’s too bad the GOAT is his first opponent. This 49ers team has a defense that has only allowed more 20 points on one occasion. This season shouldn’t feel like a letdown if the Super Bowl isn’t reached

Tom Brady is geared for another run. Thanks to a record 44th comeback win in the fourth quarter against the New Orleans Saints on Monday night, the Buccaneers have a two game lead in the division. This game looked ugly for about 56 minutes for Tom Brady and the Bucs. A quick score and a defensive stop allowed Brady to find rookie Rachaad White with three seconds left to seal the deal. It was a typical Brady performance on the last two drives. It might be what the doctor ordered. The good news about playing San Francisco on Sunday is that they are starting their third string QB due to injuries to the other two. The bad news is that the defense is getting healthier by the week. Given Brady’s record against rookies is more than stellar, a win on Sunday should put the GOAT in position to make a run for the Lombardi.

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