Overreaction Wednesday: Week 14

It’s December, which means the margin for error is smaller and smaller with each play. There’s a new front runner in the MVP carousel and I don’t think he’s giving up his spot any time soon. A quarterback change in San Francisco didn’t matter, it’s business as usual. A couple of teams are headed into opposite directions during the home stretch of the season. It’s that time of the week when i slightly overreact to the storylines from this past weekend.

Josh Jacobs is leaving Vegas. Some of the other playmakers should join him. At least until Josh McDaniels exits stage left. The Las Vegas Raiders lost to the Los Angeles Rams and their fill in QB Baker Mayfield. It’s as bad as it sounds and it gets worse: Mayfield reported to the team 48 hours before the game was scheduled. What did the former top overall pick do? He threw a TD pass in the finals seconds to secure a win for the defending champs. The Rams won’t compete for back to back titles and it doesn’t look if Vegas will get to the postseason. If that is true it’s solely on the Raiders as they have squandered a 13 point lead four times this season. That turns a team from 5-8 to 9-4, the latter of which would have them a game behind the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West. Josh Jacobs leads the league in rushing the same season he didn’t get his option picked up by Vegas. There’s a plethora of teams that can use his abilities.

Kyle Shanahan should be coach of the year. San Francisco is on their 3rd string QB and they are still prime to come out of the NFC. There’s only two other teams with a fighting chance to challenge that theory and that’s Philadelphia and Dallas. Deebo Samuel went down during the 35-7 shellacking of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday afternoon. Brock Purdy was more than a game manager, he made plays on multiple occasions. Christian McCaffrey had has best game in a 49ers uniform. Linebacker Dre Greenlaw intercepted a Tom Brady pass and then later asked him to sign the ball ! San Fran is not here to play. This system is made to rely on that defense and have the QB make enough play with the selection of playmakers on the roster. A win this Thursday versus Seattle could give the 49ers the fast track to a NFC West title.

Detroit will secure the final playoff . That is contingent upon the team’s outcome this Sunday against the New York Jets. That should start the must win mentality for Dan Campbell and his team. I’m not implying it hasn’t already been there as the Lions have won five of six after starting the season 1-6. Jared Goff has played his way into the Comeback Player of the Year category and the Lions welcomed their first round pick Jameson Willams from an ACL injury with a TD catch on his first NFL reception. Jamaal Willams and DeAndre Swift are a formidable backfield, one of the top in the league. Aidan Hutchinson is the real deal. There’s a lot to be optimistic about in Detroit. Who could’ve guessed the Detroit Lions would be making a playoff push. This is a team no one wants to face right now.

Jalen Hurts just may have been the MVP race on ice. At this point in the season Jalen Hurts has 3,157 passing passing yards with 22 touchdowns passes along with 686 rushing yards and 10 more TDs on the ground. He became only the fourth QB with 20 TD passes and 10 TD rushing touchdowns in the same season. He’s beat teams with his arm and legs. Against man coverage and zone coverage. There has been nothing to seem to disrupt his gameplan. Always locked in and haven’t really played a bad game this season. I like what Mahomes and Burrow has done and they should be considered as well but both Mahomes and Burrow have throw at least 3 interceptions in a game this season, Hurts has only throw 3 interceptions all season.

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