Fantasy Football’s Worst: Steffon Diggs took the Day Off

How did the players fare after they were on the Worst list in Week 13? Let’s double check.  Deshaun Watson had a serviceable fantasy game with 16.3 points and almost 300 yards passing. After two games with under 40 yards rushing, Derrick Henry broke for 121 yards rushing, 34 yards receiving on three catches, and a touchdown for 20.5 Fantasy points. Mark Andrews is still stuck in first gear as he turned in 3.7 points last week. And Jeff Wilson Jr. continued the trend of the perplexing Dolphins backfield with 2.6 points. About half the players rebounded and half the players continued to underperform.

You were a genius if you bet on Zay Jones (21.7) rebound as he had another 20+ Fantasy game. If you continued to trust JuJu Smith-Schuster (22.4) after three games under seven points, you should get a cookie. And if you predicted that Jerry Jeudy (33.3) would have 8 catches and three touchdowns, hats off to you.

But let’s focus on the kinds of players that let you down last week.

Tee Higgins

Tee Higgins was on an incredible roll having scored double digits in the last seven games. He had over 23 points in two of the last three weeks. Injuring himself in pregame warmups and playing only one snap was not in the plan. Scoring zero points was also not in the plan.

Dalvin Cook

Dalvin Cook is the RB12, averaging 14.7 points per game, but he has only scored double digits once in the last four games. Justin Jefferson remains on fire but Cook turned in 15 carries for just 23 yards, way under two yards per carry. He only caught one pass and had a fumble to negate the points from the catch. His touchdown allowed him to get to 8.6 points, but patience with Cook must be waning as we head into the Fantasy playoffs.

Stefon Diggs

The Bills faced a daunting Jets defense in Week 14 and the Bills came out victorious. However, Diggs, the WR4, averaging 21.4 points per game, did not deliver. In the last eight games, Diggs worst game was 14.3 points. So when you are trying to leap into the Fantasy playoffs, getting three catches for 6.7 points is not what you were hoping. Maybe your season is over and you don’t care how Diggs does anymore. But if you are in the playoffs, your top receiver can’t repeat Week 14’s performance.

CeeDee Lamb

In four of the last five weeks, Lamb scored 17.7 or more points. Now we’ll have to make it four of the last six. In a fairly high scoring game against the Texans, a great matchup, Lamb produced five receptions for minimal yards. An 8.3-point day was not something you were expecting after a 17.7 and 20.4 performance in the last couple of weeks.

Amari Cooper

Is it Cooper or Watson? Since Watson has been back, Cooper has 8.0 and 6.2 in the two weeks. Last week, Cooper had some decent volume with 7 targets, as he did in week 13 as well (9 targets), but only hauled in two of those passes for 42 yards. Hopefully Watson’s accuracy and connection with Cooper will improve this week and get him back to his 14.6 point average on the year.  


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