Fantasy Football’s Worst: Davante’s Disappointing Weekend

In Week 15, 60% of the players on the Worst List rebounded with pretty great games. Tee Higgins caught a touchdown which got him to a very respectable 16.3 Fantasy points. Dalvin Cook had a huge day with both 95 yards rushing and 95 yards receiving. His big reception for a touchdown helped propel the Vikings to the playoffs as well as contribute 27 points to Fantasy playoffs. CeeDee Lamb jumped into the WR7 position for the year with a 19.7 point effort on 126 yards receiving. Stefon Diggs had a bit of a dud again with 10.7 points though, in real life, every reception seemed to be a first down. Diggs also gave up the WR2 spot and moved down to WR3 after two low weeks. Amari Cooper (9.8) now has a bust in every game he has played with Deshaun Watson and it is going to be very hard to play him in the Fantasy Playoffs next week.

If you played Zay Jones (34.9) and Jerick McKinnon (34.2) they probably helped you with a big first round win. Trevor Lawrence would have been an interesting stream with 26.8 points. And If you thought you were going to get double digits from Dawson Knox, you were really happy when that turned into 21.8 points.

Who let down their Fantasy playoff team the most with Fantasy frustration? This week’s Worst List includes:

Brandon Aiyuk

Everyone is talking about Brock Purdy and how the third string 49ers quarterback is willing them into the playoffs (along with some creative play calling from Kyle Shanahan). With Deebo Samuel out, Aiyuk should have been Purdy’s focus but instead it was George Kittle (25.3) and Christian McCaffrey (25.8) who did all the hard work. Aiyuk’s two receptions translated to 19 yards and it seems a miracle he even got 3.9 points.

Davante Adams

Davante Adams is the WR4, averaging 20.4 points per game, and he continues to make the most difficult catches look like he is barely trying. It looked like he barely tried in Week 15 with a 6.8 point performance. It wasn’t a volume issue as Davante had 9 targets but wasn’t efficient with them at only four catches (not to mention 28 yards).

Pat Freiermuth

Tight ends are a tight market and Freiermuth is the TE6. It isn’t like he has had a breakout game. His highest total for the year is 15.9 points and he has double digits in only half the games this year (7). He should be a lock for 4 to 6 targets on any given Sunday, but he had zero (0) targets this past week. Zero targets leads to zero receptions which leads to zero touchdowns and zero points. Thanks Trubisky.

Miles Sanders

We all get guilty of chasing the points and it would be hard to lay off Miles Sanders against the Bears very beatable run defense. Sanders has over 28.5 points in two of his last four games. That was 143 yards against Green Bay and 144 yards against the Giants. He did receive 11 rushing attempts on Sunday in Chicago and managed 42 yards. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find the end zone. The good news is that he had a reception. The bad news is that it was for -13 yards. I almost forgot that he had a fumble. I’ll do the math for you, 1.9 Fantasy Points.

Zonovan Knight

Speaking of chasing points, since Knight became a regular as part of the Jets offense, he has had no less than 13.3 points, no less than 69 yards, and no less than 2 receptions. In Week 15, Knight created season lows in rushing attempts (13), rushing yards (23), receptions (0), receiving yards (0), and touchdowns (0). The ESPN app tells me that amounts to 2.3 Fantasy points.


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