Overreaction Tuesday: Week 15

The postseason is right around the corner and the Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, and the Minnesota Vikings all punched a ticket to the dance via division titles. The Dallas Cowboys got their ticket by virtue of the New York Giants taking care of business on Sunday night. Speaking of which, the NFC playoffs picture is crowded while the AFC playoff chase just became more interesting thanks to one of the strangest plays I’ve ever seen. Overreactions below.

This version of Trevor Lawrence is a top ten QB. The former number one overall pick threw for 317 yards and 4 touchdown passes in a 40-34 overtime thriller. The Jaguars were down for most of the game but the poise of their quarterback kept them in the game. The narrative should not be about the Cowboys blowing the lead because that’s not the story. The Jaguars fought hard to get back in this game and made every play to earn this victory. Rayshawn Jenkins had a total of 18 tackles, two interceptions and the game winning pick six. Jacksonville has won four of its last six games and Lawrence has thrown 14 touchdowns to one interception. This will set up a pivotal matchup Thursday night against the New York Jets who are on a streak of their own. Just not the same streak the Jags are on.

Maybe the Vikings are a threat. Then maybe again it was just the Colts. You grow to love guys like Jeff Saturday but he’s in over his head. Dallas scores 33 in the fourth quarter the last time your team and know your team leads 33-0 at halftime and the Colts still found a way to lose. Kirk Cousin threw for 417 yards and four touchdowns in the second half. It makes you wonder if these guys can put up a half like that then how will they fare in the playoffs. That’s a good question to have. The problem is, they’ve already had deficits against the Eagles and Cowboys. Lost both of those games. The Vikings are 10-0 in games decided by one score this season. That’s the most consecutive games won in such matter.

NFC Playoff Madness. After a controversial ending on Sunday night, The Giants and Commanders still occupy the final two spots in the NFC playoffs with the Lions, Seahawks and Packers all on the outside looking in. The Lions need to win out with a couple losses by either Washington or New York to leap them in the standings thanks to their tiebreaker with both teams. The Seahawks have the tiebreaker over the Lions and Giants but the need to start winning again, after starting the season 5-3 they are currently sitting at 7-7. The Packers have the most difficult path as the other four teams all have tiebreaker advantages over them. On top of that they have to win out. If I was a betting man I would say that the Giants and Lions have the most realistic chances to getting those spots but I wouldn’t rule out the Commanders. The Entire NFC South is still in contention but for the NFC south. No comment.

AFC Playoff Madness. Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Las Vegas and Jacksonville are all 6-8 with an outside chance of getting in. There’s a number of things that need to happen before we start entertaining those scenarios. Pittsburgh and Vegas will battle in basically an elimination game this weekend. Jacksonville still has a chance at the division, stay tuned for that. The Ravens and Bengals might square off for the North so there’s more to be desired there. Then there’s the Chargers, they are getting healthy at receiver and have the simple path of win out and your in. They are more than capable of being a tough opponent for anyone in the conference. The Patriots played their way out of the picture with the dumbest play in NFL history. During a TIED game on the last play, Jakobi Meyers thought it made sense to pitch a 15 yard lateral to Mac Jones only to get picked by Chandler Jones (no relation) and returned for a touchdown. The most egregious thing I’ve ever seen. Anyways that lost didn’t help their chances with their schedule coming up. I think the final spot comes down to Miami and New York on a Sunday night.

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