Packers beat Rams 24-12 to remain in the playoff hunt.

The Packers are not dead yet.

The Athletic’s betting model created by Austin Mock has the Packers’ chances of reaching the playoffs at 7 percent.

But don’t let these back-to-back wins against the Bears and Rams fool you; this is not a good football team. Green Bay is 1-7 against teams with winning records, and there hasn’t been any indication they can bump that record up to 2-7 starting a Christmas Day matchup against the Miami Dolphins in Miami.

Green beat LA yesterday because they established the run.

Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon combined for 28 carries and three touchdowns in the victory. The Packers need to establish the run over the next three games to have a shot because Rodgers has shown this season that he can’t carry the team anymore.

Green Bay’s defense held Baker Mayfield to 12 of 21 for 111 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. Mayfield looked like a guy who got there two weeks ago, and while the Rams hoped he would build off that comeback win against the Raiders, Green Bay’s defense stifled him all night.

Rodgers did give a flash of his old self on Monday, going 22 of 30 for 229 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. If Green Bay hopes to make it to the playoffs, Rodgers has to look like his old self.

Green Bay has also gotten contributions from unlikely sources: Starting with KR/ PR Keisean Nixon. Nixon had another 50+ yard kickoff return and has been dynamic in the role; since the team released second-year player Amari Rodgers. Nixon took over in Week 11 and has accumulated 712 kick return yards and a 25.4 kick return average.

So while Green Bay has a slim chance at making the postseason, with how bad the NFC has been this year, it will be interesting to see what unfolds over the next three weeks.


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