Wisconsin is playing Northwestern tomorrow night…for some reason.

By: Corey Moen


That is the one question I keep coming back to. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Northwestern was supposed to play Iowa last Wednesday, but COVID-19 health and safety protocols postponed that game which meant that the Wisconsin-Northwestern game likely wasn’t going to take place on Saturday.

That turned out to be true as the game was postponed on Friday night to a later date. Well the date is tomorrow night, and I don’t understand the benefit of the game not being rescheduled to a later date not only will Northwestern have about a week of rest, but Wisconsin will then have to travel to Maryland and play on Wednesday. Why couldn’t they have played on Saturday, and have to wait a mere two days to play each other.

The Northwestern-Iowa game got rescheduled for January 31 and I think Wisconsin-Northwestern should have been rescheduled at a date in February or March.

Having to play a road game on Monday and than having to turn back around and play another road game on Wednesday is not something these guys are used to and especially playing a tough road game against Maryland; this will be a tough few days for Wisconsin men’s basketball.


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