Cubs Scorecard: Offseason Moves Graded

The Chicago Cubs have not been quiet in the offseason. They were not the Mets, who spent almost a billion dollars in free agency on top choices like Carlos Correa and Justin Verlander, but they definitely made moves. The Cubs were not completely silent last year with signings of Marcus Stroman and Seiya Suzuki. The idea of free agent signings is very simple, to make … Continue reading Cubs Scorecard: Offseason Moves Graded

White Sox Scorecard: Good Riddance to 2022

In the last week, the White Sox saw their playoffs finally evaporate.  After a great start to September where it looked like they had a great chance to catch Cleveland, it all disappeared with their disastrous series against Cleveland, followed by Seattle, Toronto, and Tampa Bay clinching wild card spots in the last few days. It was the end to a difficult, roller coaster season … Continue reading White Sox Scorecard: Good Riddance to 2022

More impressive MLB storyline this season

I want to hear your thoughts about what has been the better MLB storyline this season. Albert Pujols becoming only the fourth player in history to hit 700 home runs or Aaron Judge being one home run shy of setting the AL’s all-time single season home run record previously set by Yankee great Roger Maris in 1961. Vote in the poll below. Continue reading More impressive MLB storyline this season

Contract Year: MVP Campaign #2 ?

The reports were that Lamar Jackson was offered a deal north of 200 million, he declined. Some reports says that Jackson wants more guaranteed money, he’s done with talking about it this season. So, I’ll be done with that subject as well. Instead, we’ll dicuss how the former MVP can become the youngest two time winner of the award after a red hot start to … Continue reading Contract Year: MVP Campaign #2 ?